My Path for 2013

I had a good 2012, and items rolled over will make it a busy year. I’m captain for two teams this year, and studying a fish course. Also I have my bucket list for inspiration when I’m stuck in the rut.

However, I have a new year resolution.

Look after myself

because if I cant look after myself how can i look after others!

Looks like I’m going to have a busy year.

My Bucket list

My best of photos of 2012

I had a good year doing photography. Even though I miss a few months because of other commitments. I was lucky to have a good set of photos. I picked a few favourites from my collection. Hopefully next year I will have more.

Children in need

What We Do

Children in need Vision is that every child in the UK has a childhood which is:

  • Safe
  • Happy and Secure
  • Allows them the chance to reach their potential

Last month I was busy organizing a fun day to raise money for children in need. Originally I was going to do a single event on the day which was a sponsor silence, but it got thrown out after I asked about it, however it wasn’t all that bad. They ask me to organize a fun day for the whole store. I accepted the challenge and realize what I have done and admitted ‘I haven’t done anything this big before’ after talking to my fellow colleagues and assembled a team, we drawn up a plan to aid us through it. One by one we tackled the list, posters went u

p, sweep stake started merchandise arrived and selling. Everything was going to plan except one small thing on the week of the actual day I had to go to Grimsby for training. I left the group knowing it’s almost done. As I was up their doubts pour into my mind, will the group complete it? Will it be a flop or hit? Shall I ignore or accept advice? These questions kept coming back and forth into my mind but I knew it was in a good position at least I thought it was. When I returned to the group on the eve of the day my fears were becoming reality. So against the advice which was don’t come in. I came in and polished it off, and coordinated the day. The cakes were made and everything was going to plan and the leg waxing went down a treat. But there was one small problem my mental strength collapse and my head was throbbing like it was going to explode. Lucky I made full recovery and amazing we raised over £900 for t

he children in need. Everyone congratulated me for the success however it was ‘the store raised it we all did it!’
my mother said to do ‘hope you make that the last one, it nearly made you ill’
I replied ‘if you see me do that again you have my permission to shoot me’ but the gauntlet has been throw down, it will be interesting who picks it up 😉

Lowestoft theme park project

“If you put a lot in, you will get a lot out” Roger Waller my boy’s brigade captain.

I can remember him saying that to me when I was a young boy, planning my quest to obtain the boy’s brigade highest award the queen’s badge. a few years later I managed to earn it and now the badge is in its casing with the certificate on display to remind me, ‘how it all began!”

My next ambassador project was design a theme park,

I felt great. I re-built the model theme park rides, I had that quote in my mind. When I arrived at the school with the rides covered up. The kids go “what’s under there”. It’s a surprise and head to the reception. After some coffee I purposely leave my models last to enter the room and help to set up. The thing about that day is when I carry the models in and unveil them to the kids. Their eyes lit up in amazement and when I turn the Ferris wheel motor on well you can imagine what the kids thought. As the day progress I was amaze with the kid’s models being built especially taking

inspiration from mine. But there was one moment I will treasure and probably the three children as well. They were left out from their groups so the teacher gave them to me and I set them a task to build a Ferris wheel step by step. In the end when I adjusted it a bit, I showed them what they built and gave them all the credit. They showed it to all their friends in amazement and made their day, I handed them a certificate of achievement and congratulate them for their effort.

Chinese proverbs Part 2

Occasionally I get a box of fortune cookies and open a fortune cookie when I feel like it. Here are the latest ones

1, Don’t think problem, think opportunity

2, an ounce of action is worth a ton of theory

3, the time is always right to do what is right

4, nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.

5, striving for excellence motivate you; striving for perfection is demoralizing

6, to know you have enough are to be rich.

7, what wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?

8, never doubt the possibilities to be, and obstacles will never become a reality

There were two more others but one ripped at one of its ends and couldn’t read it. The other one had no meaning or wisdom to it so didn’t include it on the list.

Wolves wood ‘Where it all began’

Wolves’ wood is where it all began. Not just my photography but everything. Around about this time last year, I came here and thought ‘there’s me moaning about my life and yet I haven’t explored areas like this place.  I kept coming back again and again and relive the great moments

I have this place, ‘robin dancing on a twig’ ‘grey squirrels coming up to me’ ‘close encounters with grass snakes’ ‘pheasants and deer playing hide and seek’ ‘dragonfly sunbathing on a bench’ and the greatest moment of them all ‘tawny owl perch on the tree stump’ which I’m still glad I have that photo of the owl. After been around taking photos of fungi and mushrooms, I perched on a bench, watching the dragonfly dancing around the pond, and collected my

thoughts on what past by in the last year, I smiled as the conclusion was ‘you have achieve so many things, grown into a better person, and the main thing all the pieces that was shattered from me years, picked up and restored making me whole again with last piece placed back by a special friend just a few days ago. As I returned to the car and thought ‘I am proud for what I have done for the past year and I’m very grateful to have a special person, thank you’

Respect the past, not regret it!


At one point in our lives, we regret the past. If only I done that? Wish I could change that? I regret doing that? Are some of the questions spinning around in our heads? Those spun around my head couple of years ago when I was depress. However we can use the past and learn from it to make us a better, stronger person. Instead of using the questions above how about these ones what would happen if I did change that? If I done that would I am able to do this? I need to learn from that? Respect the past because it created who you are!

Stop the badger cull!

The first licence for the badger cull was issued on Monday 17th 2012 in the West Gloucestershire because its believe that badgers spread Bovine TB onto the cattle, but the problem is that most badgers may get the cull, healthy ones along with the infected ones.

– We don’t know how Bovine TB spreads between cattle and badgers, and which direction it goes, plus we also don’t know if other wildlife has got it like mink, fox, mole, rat, ferret and wild deer.

– Independent scientific studies have shown that culling would be of little help in reducing bovine TB, and even suggest that it could make things worse in some areas.

– Also there is another alterative to the culling with a vaccination to both cattle and badgers being prepared.

– We can also control the cattle as well, by keeping the food supply away from setts so badgers cant raid them, or moving the cattle away from the sett altogether,

So sign Dr Brian May CEO team badger e-petition below and put a stop to this unnecessary cull